Astrosum Astrology Application

Astrosum Astrology Application



Astrosum is an astrological app that uses your Name, Date of Birth, Birth time and Place of Birth to provide you with the most accurate Vedic astrological prediction. Astrosum will prepare you psychologically for all the things that will be thrown at you in the future. The following subcategories will sail you through this event called life. Astro life offers you a direction in which you are supposed to peddle. Astrosum is all about being prepared for the event much before it takes place. May it be your financial matters, your medical charts, your vivah sutra, your upcoming year predictions or your entire life predictions, Astrosum is a onestop solution to all the matters that are relevant to your life. Looking to have a partner in business? Check for your partnership compatibility and be sure of the future you have together. Astrosum also offers you hourly predictions so that you can be sure of what hours are lucky for you and what are the hours where you need to be a little extra car

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