Free Solitaire Collection

Free Solitaire Collection



Features: - More than 80 solitaires. 3-4 new patiences are adding every 3 weeks - Simple interface - Absolutely free. All content in the game are ready to use and free - Portrait and landscape orientation. Some games are easier to play in the portrait orientation, the others - in the lanscape. Try it! - Full history of moves. All your moves are saving. You can continue the solitaire later after restart. - Unlimited undos. You can undo moves as many times as you like. Also you can retry the patience with the old deck - Cards' placement for left or right hand. Change it in the settings! - Detailed rules. Each solitaire has clear and brief rules - Statistics. After the game you will get the detailed statistics - Autocomplete games. The game finishes automatically when all moves are clear. It saves your time - Search. Find games by the names - Quick hint. Just swipe left to get quick hint - Quick undo. Just swipe right to do quick undo

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