Root ToolCase

Root ToolCase



A great collection of tools to get more out of your android device! ROOT REQUIRED (this app won't root your device) App Manager: ★ clear app data or app cache ★ enable/disable (freeze) apps ★ uninstall apps ★ remove bloatware Flash Wizard: ★ install flashable zip files ★ create flash queue for several zip files ★ flash boot (kernel) images ★ flash recovery images Init.d Emulator: ★ run scripts at startup ★ no native init.d support required Build.prop Editor: ★ edit your ROM's build properties Advanced Reboot: ★ Standard or quick reboot ★ Boot into recovery or bootloader (fastboot) ★ Boot into safe mode ★ Restart system UI Miscellaneous tools: ★ ADB over WiFi ★ enable/disable spell check ★ mount system r/w ★ change system language Widgets: ★ Task Cleaner ★ Advanced Reboot DISCLAMER: The features of this app are very powerful, be careful to use them properly. THE DEVELOPER OF THIS APP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES TO YOUR DEVICE!

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